Fred Theatre’s latest production is a new adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Written especially for us by Jonathan Lloyd and Abigail Walton, the production is now on tour to schools across England.

A cast of five actors is bringing to life Charles Dickens’ classic novella in this lively and fresh retelling of everyone’s favourite Christmas ghost story. And, it appears the show is going down well. We asked students attending performances last week what they would most remember. Responses include:

“how entertaining it was”

“How Scrooge changed as a man”

“the professional characters who were well played throughout the play”

“very funny but the best scene was when he changed from not caring to caring, it shows anyone can change”

The tour continues till mid-December, and the cast (pictured) is Phil Hemming, Sarah Robinson, Ellie Alum-Marshall, Benito Marlay, and Lyle Mitchell.