Philip and Amanda drink to the future, Chloe seeks recognition in a hectic world, a man on a street corner wants you to listen, Carla comes to terms with a different way of life, Ade considers his sentence, Charlie and Naga repeat the cycle, and the playwright is inspired to create a new work.


Performed by the playwright, Gumption is a personal story about words; those that are written, spoken or thought, and how they can attract a range of reactions and enact unexpected change.


Providing fractured glimpses of changed or changing lives, Gumption reveals a challenging but profoundly humane picture of a society in flux.  
Gumption is a one-man, one-hour play written and performed by Fred Theatre’s writer in resident Jonathan DW Lloyd. Entrance is free (with donations towards costs taken at the end of the performance).
The Bear Pit Theatre, Rother Street, Stratford upon Avon
Thursday, July 2019 @ 8pm