Care Homes

Fred’s boxes of delight

Fred Theatre has three great productions for care homes from September, each carefully crafted with the needs of a range of residents in mind. Not only does a Fred Theatre show engage and entertain, it also stimulates, leaving a legacy for your residents of improved mood and interaction with fellow residents and your staff.

All Fred Theatre shows are delivered by three trained professional performers who have been put through rigorous training before coming to your home. They are confident, able to cope with most situations, and especially good at fostering the interaction at the heart of our shows.

All of Fred Theatre’s production boxes are audience-focused. Expect plenty of interaction that will, at times, take the show in unexpected directions as our performers react to and engage with your residents. We aim to provide for the people in your care a stimulating, invigorating, fun filled experience.

Performances are flexible and can run as anything from two half hour shows, to a single show and interactive session lasting two hours.

Here’s what’s coming up in autumn 2018…


The Selection Box

The Selection Box is a good old-fashioned hour or so of variety.

The rehearsed content is driven by the professional performers booked for your show, but includes singing, music, poetry and a little bit of drama. Then we add in some interactive enlivening elements such as a quiz, percussion instruments or props to stimulate mental agility and create a sense of play.


The Gift Box

This is the most interactive of Fred Theatre’s boxes.

The Gift Box inspires your residents to share a gift they’ve received that has served them well in life, before thinking about a gift they wish to share. This could be anything from a piece of music, through some sound advice, to a special relationship.

Alongside carefully selected and rehearsed content, Fred Theatre’s team is trained to deliver an affirming session that will be full of great reminiscences, undoubtedly a little sentimental, but always finishing on a positive upbeat note.


The Christmas Box

The Christmas Box is our festive version of The Selection Box.

Lots of seasonal entertainment will get everyone at your care home in just the right mood to enjoy the holidays.

A wonderfully evocative hour of entertainment is the starting point for an interactive and stimulating journey into a magical Christmas landscape of memories, family and friends.



For more information please call Fred Theatre on 01789 777612, or email