This autumn we’re asking friends of Fred to help us. In February we’re taking our new production of Macbeth out on the road. In addition to public performances in Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon, London and Warwick, we’re taking the production into schools.

Everything is set up and ready to go, and we have budgets to cover the expenditure. However, these budget are modest, and we’d really appreciate just a little help in making Macbeth the best possible show. This is especially important to us as we believe many of the school children who see our production will be experiencing Shakespeare live for the first time.

Will you help us make that experience amazing, and help set them off on an exciting lifelong journey with theatre and Shakespeare?

We have a page on where you can donate a few quid, and we welcome donations of any size.

We know for many money is a bit short. We’re aiming to raise between £500 and £800, split either amount by 100 donors and it’s really not very much each!

In anticipation, many many thanks.