Power. Ambition. Murder.

Fred Theatre will bring Shakespeare’s tragedy of greed, lust and betrayal to life in a new and intimate production for 2017.

In an action-packed 90 minutes, six actors will present this timeless classic in a contemporary setting. The production will ask who, in the twenty-first century, can be trusted to tell us the truth? How easy is it to manipulate others? And, what happens if ambition is left unchecked?

Artistic Director, Robert F. Ball says: “Now is the ideal time to look again at Macbeth. We’re living in a world trendily described as the post-truth age, where ambition appears, at least, to be driving people to extreme behaviour the like of which we’ve not seen before. How more relevant can a play be than Macbeth which examines the nature of truth and equivocation, power and ambition?”

In Fred’s production the witches will be centre stage, controlling the action through stealthy manipulation of characters, media, and audience.

Fred’s production will be suitable for anyone 16+, but especially students studying Macbeth at GCSE level and above.

A number of public performances are already in the diary throughout February (Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon, London, etc.), and the full schedule will be released soon.