One Year Off @ ORL

a play by Forrester & Fletcher

directed by Robert F. Ball

A year off football, will the UK survive?

"A play that hums with novel ideas and assured performances" LondonPubTheatres

"In every aspect of our lives we live by the maxim of ‘everything in moderation’ and football, our biggest indulgence, should be subject to the same common sense." David Cameron

One Year Off tells the story of a UK-wide ban on football.

The government has prohibited the sport for 12 months in a bid to improve the nation’s Happiness Index. Anyone found to be engaging with the beautiful game will be arrested. Even Goldenballs.

Told through the eyes of four people whose lives are defined by football, One Year Off is a play about desperation, delusion and detox. In this surreal comic dystopia, both footie fans and soccer sceptics will find a character to support.

7th - 12th June 2016, Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, London

Tuesday--Saturday at 9pm

Saturday matinee 4.30pm

Sunday matinee 4.30pm


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This production is restricted to over 14s only. Contains partial nudity and strong language.

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To book CLICK HERE or call 0121 643 5858